7 Reasons to Study in Switzerland (student’s perspective)

Are you considering studying abroad? This decision will undoubtedly be one of the most important ones you will make in your life. Switzerland attracts numerous international students each year for several good reasons:

  • An excellent education system
  • Top universities
  • A high quality of life
  • High safety standards
  • An internship system that allows you to gain work experience in your field while studying

We interviewed a student who came to Switzerland to study and asked her to share the advantages of studying in Switzerland. Here are her top 7 reasons she shared: (look for “student tips” for some insider information):

Internationally Recognized Degree

Switzerland is renowned for its world-class education system, making it an ideal destination for international students seeking a globally recognized degree. Swiss universities and educational institutions consistently rank among the top in global university rankings, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education. Whether you choose to study at one of the prestigious universities or specialized institutions, you can be confident that your degree from Switzerland will be highly regarded and respected worldwide.

Student tip: There are many private universities and schools in Switzerland that may not be as well-known globally, so it is wise to check their partnerships with recognized universities. For example, at Bella Vista Institute of Higher Education Switzerland (BVIS), we offer dual degrees – one from BVIS itself, certified by ‘Ofqual’, United Kingdom and others from renowned affiliate universities, ensuring that your diplomas are globally recognized.

Work Experience alongside Academic Studies in Switzerland

Switzerland offers international students a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience alongside their academic studies, which can be challenging to find in other countries. With a strong emphasis on practical learning, many programs in Switzerland provide internships, industry collaborations, and research opportunities. This hands-on approach not only enhances the learning experience but also equips students with the skills and knowledge sought after by employers worldwide.

At the BVIS, we strongly believe in learning by doing and organize internships for all our students, either in Switzerland or worldwide. All students will receive an internship contract from the International Centre associated with UNWTO Academy in Switzerland. The goal of the internship is not only to gain practical experience but also to develop a professional network and explore potential career opportunities.

Student tip: If you choose to stay in Switzerland for your internship, you will be pleasantly surprised by the competitive salaries, even for the Hospitality intern positions, which can be around 2000 CHF per month.

Natural Beauty

Switzerland is known for its natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for international students who want to study in a picturesque environment. Whether you enjoy hiking in the Alps, swimming in crystal-clear lakes, or simply enjoying the stunning landscapes, Switzerland has it all.

In their free time, the BVIS students explore charming towns and cities, visit world-renowned landmarks such as the Matterhorn or Chillon Castle, or simply relax in the tranquil surroundings. Weekend activities are organized by the school and are free to attend, as part of the well-developed Swiss experience package!

Student tip: if you study at BVIS, take a short-day trip to a place called ‘Aesch’ to see the ‘Stäuberfall’ waterfall – one of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever see!

Safety and Security

Switzerland is consistently ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, providing peace of mind for international students and their families. The very low crime rates, efficient public transport systems, and well-maintained infrastructure contribute to a safe and secure environment. Whether you are walking alone at night or exploring the city, you can feel confident and very safe.

Located in the middle of Europe.

Switzerland is also well-connected to other European countries, making it easy for students to travel and explore different cultures and destinations even if it is just a short weekend trip.

At BVIS, our campus is just a 2-hour drive from Italy. So, if you feel like enjoying a Friday evening pizza in Italy, it’s doable.

Student tip: If you’re under 25 and studying in Switzerland, make the most of the night GA travel card. It grants you free travel on any train after 7 pm. With this card, you can easily travel to Milan and back for just a few euros!

International Atmosphere

Switzerland is known for its international atmosphere, with a diverse community of students and professionals from all around the world.

The BVIS students agree that this multicultural environment not only enriches the learning experience but also provides opportunities for networking, cultural exchange, and lifelong friendships and more.

High Quality of Life

Switzerland consistently ranks among the countries with the highest quality of life, offering a safe, clean, and well-organized environment. The country boasts excellent healthcare facilities, efficient public transportation, and a strong focus on sustainability.

Student tip: explore as much of the country as possible while studying here and take advantage of all the free student activities offered at BVIS.

If you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable educational journey in Switzerland, visit our website to learn more about the programs and admission requirements at the BVIS. Start your future career path through a world-class education and an enriching study experience in Switzerland.

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