All BVIS students will receive an internship contract from the International Centre associated with UN Tourism Academy in Switzerland. The centre will organize all the internships and will help students to choose one of their specializations. Learners will be sent to the internship locations of their choice worldwide, through the internship, the student will develop a professional network and meet potential career opportunities. In the end, learners will also receive a certified final document to award their successful participation.

At some stage during their study terms, students will have the opportunity to choose from one of our diverse specializations, endorsed by some of the world’s most respected business and industry leaders who assist us in creating course content, holding guest lectures, assigning projects, and offer exclusive career opportunities.

The structure of the internship process will follow these steps:

Topic Immersion

An introduction to the topics and roles pre-internship. By offering several fields of study, we make it possible for you to learn in the way that works best for you. We will help you choose a field with a variety of subjects to make sure they relate to your goals and give you support every step of the way.

Internship Period

Located in Switzerland or Worldwide
We believe firmly in the concept of “learning by doing.” Creating a plan for your practical academic journey is just one way in which we help you succeed. Complemented by the real-life scenarios that take place in job positions during the academic extension studies.

Written Report

The written reports contribute to the assessment of the internship period in order to generate credits. We take education beyond the textbook and into every aspect of student life but at the same time we encourage students to reflect on their experience and cross-examine it with the theoretical side of the program.

The internship industry partners will aim to cover a variety of topics related to their current study to allow them to develop in a practical hands-on way. This will allow students to learn and have more potential opportunities in their future career.

INCREASING YOUR EMPLOYABILITY, Real-world experiences with lifelong connections.