Summer CampS 2024

Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps near Lake Lucerne, BVIS houses two campuses offering students an exceptional learning environment with high-tech teaching facilities, accommodations at star-rated hotel level, and 3.5 hectares of landscaped gardens and sports facilities. The highly qualified teaching team enables an extraordinary learning experience.

The main topic of the camps is young leadership with the slogan “meet global leaders face to face”. BVIS has invited a number of global leaders, such as Prime Ministers, Ministers, Senators, Ambassadors and other political leaders to deliver real life experiences and inspiration from their extensive experiences.

A wide range of additional activities and excursions encourage students to develop comprehensive skills, and help them challenge themselves to perform at the highest level, individually as well as in teams.

Language Hub

Immersion language courses English, German, French & Chinese at BVIS, the certified IELTS & TOEFL centre


Understand ESG by United Nations, Leadership role play to extend a broad global view, adquire a Certificate by Standford Univeristy

United Nations Activities

Model UN General Assembly and Debate, Sustainability Campaigne, A Day of Diplomat

European Culture

Exploration of European cultural attraction, fascinating adventures with weekend trips

  • Would you like to have a unique camp experience in Switzerland this Summer?
  • Can you imagine how many exciting activities there are in this unique location?
  • Are you looking forward to obtaining an ESG certificate from Stanford University by participating in the winter camp?
  • Do you want to experience the best of our IB program?
  • Do you wish to get a generous scholarship after completing the summer camp?

Youth Camp

  • European culture journey at home-feeling Switzerland with safety and comfort.
  • Immersion language courses allows to break through the difficulty in IELTS and TOEFL study.
  • Experiencing our IB program and enriching social activities practice.
  • Get to know about ESG concept and sustainability by UN.
  • Participate in model United Nations to experience A Day of Diplomat.


Lasting for two weeks, each period of camp starts from the first Monday and ends on the second Saturday.
In addition to academic courses and UN activities, there are plenty of activities help to develop comprehensive skills of students, which encourage students to keep challenging themselves for personal achievement and meanwhile learn how to cooperate as a team.
  • Cruise ship sailor class, learn cruise ship basic knowledge, rules and operating codes, driving experience while tasting cheese fondue onboard.
  • Olympic world champion teaches golf skills.
  • Afternoon & Weekend Activities such as bowling, hiking, Ice skating, museum visits & many more!
  • Extraordinary once in a lifetime experience.
*** All activities are subject to the weather and on-site situation
Lindt Chocolate Museum
Cooking Club
Pool Volleyball & Swimming
Boat Trip


All courses and activities are organized during weekdays and off-campus excursions are arranged during weekends.
European Cultural Exploration Tour: A Day Trip to Milan, Italy
Weekend Trip to Paris, France
Europa Park, Germany
Cost: cost included in the camp fee
Included: transportation (bus), tour tickets, lunch

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